Row Boat Hire - Magdalen Bridge Boathouse

Our rowing boats take up to 5 people and cost £22 per hour, Monday to Friday, and £24 per hour on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Rowing is fun and relaxing and a great way to spend a sunny afternoon on the river. You can hire the row boat for an hour or if you want to make a day of it, just stay on the river as long as you like, simply returning the row boat to the boathouse at least half an hour before sunset.

The trip: As you set off south from the boathouse row past Oxford's famous Botanic Gardens, through Christ Church College Meadows, where Lewis Carroll taught in the mid-19th century when he wrote the famous Alice Through the Looking Glass (1871) and Alice in Wonderland (1865). Then either take the river left past St Hilda's College gardens, past the stunning Magdalen School rose gardens, under the miniature white bridges and back past the Botanic Gardens to the Boathouse. Or alternatively, if you are feeling adventurous, continue south towards the Isis (Oxford's name for the River Thames), along the entire Christ Church Meadow to where the river opens up for you to enjoy this peacfull and stunning natural river environment.

Another option is to travel north from the Boathouse, past Magdalen College Tower and up past the Angel and Greyhound meadows, past Magdalen College gardens and into Oxford's stunning countryside.

Boat Hire Terms: Boat hire is subject to our boat hire Terms & Conditions. Boats returned more than 5 minutes after the hour will incur an extra 15 minutes hire cost - and then a further 15 minutes charge, 20 minutes after the hour and so on.